Venture Capital

Redefining the Investment Sector

Ventura Wealth Club invests in companies building on the open financial system as well as companies looking to shift the dynamic in their sector.
Currently open to HNWIs

Company No.1 we have invested in

Axie Infinity

○ Stage A investment secured.
100X ROI
○ Largescale backing from VC firms.

Company No.2 we have invested in

Project Galaxy

○ Stage B investment secured.
○ Large scale backing from VC firms, individuals and CEX’s project likely to perform well in 2023/2024.

Company No.3 we have invested in


○ Stage C investment secured.
○ Large scale backing from VC firms and CEX’s.
○ Infrastructure of the future.
Ventura’s Vision

Ventura Wealth Club’s team consists of industry leading professionals including top level analysts from Barclays and PWC.

Our theory is simple yet effective, we look for deep rooted value in the team of upcoming projects, deeply analyse their financial structure and projections, assess market trends plus room for growth. Finally the most important: what makes them unique.
Keeping these key factors at the core of our research we have been able to create some huge upside investment opportunities for our investors and continue to do so. As Ventura evolves with the space and has access to track what assets are placed where and where the large institutional based investment is being deviated to, profits will continue to increase.