Ventura Wealth Club: Performance Report June 2022

July 1, 2022
Ventura Blockchain Noding system node plan

In this report we lay out the figures, details and overall performance of the systems used at Ventura Wealth Club. We have had another great month of strong profits within our investment systems. Once again putting hedge fund’s results to shame. Here are the return on investment figures for the month of June 2022. • HFT System 1.0: 16.2% • Blockchain Noding System: 7%

In the month of June HFT System 1.0 took over 200 positions across a range of financial markets like: commodities, FX and indexes. Throughout this period, we maintained a sharpe ratio of over 1.3 and the risk of ruin for just a 10% loss of balance was always below 0.01% chance. At Ventura we utilise specialist investment software to keep your money safe whilst creating lucrative returns. Blockchain Noding System in the month of June performed as expected, we have noticed a slight downturn in profits due to overall market sentiment, however, we are certain following months profits should not dip below this figure. We recently acquired two new blockchains to begin to run nodes in, here we expect to ramp up the current ROI of the Blockchain Noding System.