Ventura Wealth Club: Performance Report August 2022

September 1, 2022
Ventura Blockchain Noding system node plan

In this report we lay out the figures, details and overall performance of the systems used at Ventura Wealth Club. We officially moved HFT System 1.0 into the diversified system that is now running at full capability, the diversified system will soon be featured here on the website for investors. Here are the return on investment figures for the month of August 2022. • Diversified System: 14.6% • Blockchain Noding System: 6.3%

In August 2022, HFT System 1.0 was merged with our new diversified portfolio, now it operates 8 different trading strategies all under one account. To provide a great investing service we believe in full transparency to our clients, we regularly give updates and run a complete open book questioning policy when onboarding new clients. With drawdown of under 4% for the entire month investors found the new diversified portfolio significantly more appealing as it provides equally as good returns with a fraction of the monthly drawdown. Ventura Blockchain Noding System once again provided clients with a market beating, profitable month of 6.3%, despite the hash bear market Ventura’s investing portfolio’s continue to provide strong return on investment for clients.